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Hyper is a Next-Gen Customer analytics platform that enable you to acquire insights in real time and deliver ads to your customer based on the parameters that you seek. 
Powered with AI and Machine Learning on tap, Hyper is the most powerful tool retailers and businesses can use to improve consumer behaviours and drive change.


Powered by Machine Learning

We offer an incredible flow of data that empowers and enables your data scientist to work on real world applications.

What this means is that we take care of all the hardware and software to acquire and store data like video, audio, sensors, motion and we offer you an interface to display all the information you want your customers to see.

How we do it

A world class application safe and secure.

GDPR and privacy compliant.


Deploy in under 1 minutes

With over 20 years of Design Thinking, customer exploration and customer feedback we use proven methods to read into your prospects.


Setup your cloud in under 2 minutes

Product prototyping, design and development is the core of our expertise with a deep understanding of all that is consumer or business facing


Connect your ML in under 3 minutes

Once the product is built how do you make it known? With both offline and online technologies and insight we accelerate adoption and growth

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Three basic packages you can start with

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